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Tentsile Koli Camping Pielinen

€120.00 / d
Price includes 2 persons. Extras:
  • Lisähenkilö Tentsile Koli Camping€60.00


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You can make several reservations for the same day, e.g. 2 person +2 person. Select the number of persons 2 , select the date and reserve. Repeat this procedure again. Now You have accommodation for 4 people / 2 Tentsile


Tentsile Koli Camping Pielinen

Honkalintu Oy started booking Tentsile wood accommodation in the wonderful camping area of ​​Merilänranta in 2021 in cooperation with Koli Camping's entrepreneurs!

Tentsile Koli Camping creates a low threshold for families, friends, and couples to come and enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature.

The overnight stays can experience the sounds of Finnish nature, the lapping of the waves of Pielinen and the enchantment of the Koli landscapes.

The scenic Koli Camping is in the middle of the landscapes of Pielinen and Koli, close to the three famous peaks of Ukko-Koli and Koli National Park.

It is about 15 minutes by boat from the campsite to Hiekkasaari (Sand Island) in Koli National Park. The area of ​​the national park is 7 km from Koli Camping or 9 km from the upper park.

Koli Camping has been providing its visitors with a simple and beautiful experience for 52 years. Warm welcome!


Summer 2022 Tentsile Koli Camping accommodation packages now available!

There are 4 Stingray Tentsile in the Tentsile Koli Camping area, the maximum number of guests is 12 people / night.


Koli Camping. Hiekkaniementie 12, 83960 Loma-Koli (Merilänranta)

Camping info is available every day until 20:00.

If you arrive later, please contact Koli Camping on 0400 818 655.

This will give the staff information about your late arrival time and will be able to guide you by phone about the location of the accommodation and other matters related to arrival.

Please note that there is also a motorhome and caravan camping in the area!


23.6.2022- 30.9.2022

Tentsile is available to the booker on the day of arrival at 16.00, handover on the day of departure at 12.00.

Tents and prices (incl. 10% VAT):

Accommodation for 2 people / 3 people Stingray Tree Tentsile 120 EUR

(No fee is charged for children under school age, notification that the child is included in the additional information field)

Accommodation for 3 people / 3 people Stingray Tree Tentsile 180 EUR


The one-night experience package includes:

  • Tentsile accommodation to order Stingray and Tentsile Trillium Hammock.
  • TRILLIUM is a lounge for three people, an independent oasis and an airy light base below Stingray.
  • Great location in your own peace on the shores of Lake Pielinen
  • Parking space
  • The fireplace has a do-it-yourself wood, ax and saw.
  • Service building with shower facilities and toilet. Tables for dining and cooking, Water point.

Own equipment for overnight stay:

  • Sleeping bags, sleeping pad (sleeping bag preferably in the comfort range 0-10c, cold comes through the floor of the Tentsile)
  • A camping stove if you want to make hot food or a drink.
  • Lunch, drinking water
  • Towels for bathing, washing, toiletries


Tentsile Koli Camping location:

Detailed information about Tentsile location will be provided in the Koli Camping info upon registration.

Cleanliness and rubbish:

The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness and condition of Tentsile Camping, its surroundings and the services connected to it. Tentsile should be thoroughly cleaned after use.

Tentsile rain cover must be put in place at the end of the booking and Tentsile will clean the inside of any debris.

Tentsile Koli Camping follows litter-free camping. Waste must be taken to collection containers at the info point.

What should I pack?

  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Rain / windproof jacket and pants
  • Hiking shirts and pants
  • Long underwear
  • Warm jacket or blouse (for your own trips outside the Tentsile area)
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen)
  • A small backpack for carrying personal items



Pets are not allowed at Tentsile Koli Camping.


The Tentsile booker is fully responsible for all the services and structures associated with the experience, including those of their friends. Please read the conditions before booking!

Please note the following: 

We encourage our guests to go litter-free in the Koli and Pielinen area.
Read more about Tensile Info Corner!

Everyone's rights and responsibilities in Finland:

Read more about Tensile Info Corner.

Evening peace is observed in the Koli Camping area from 10 pm to 7 am.

The kitchenette, toilets, ice cream parlor and café are open to everyone.

Day parking outside the asphalt area (on gravel areas and on the edges of pine fabric) so that motorhomes and service vehicles can operate freely.

Smoker: Please use ashtrays or trash - especially on a sandy beach. Keep the area tidy.

Dog Owner: Please keep your pet connected and respect the evening and morning peace of other people in the area. Dogs can be bathed in the designated area.