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Traditional Outdoor Games, Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre

330,00 € / 2 h
Hinta sisältää 10 henkilöä. Tämän yli menevät:
  • Seikkailijat /Extra adventurer33,00 €


Honkalintu Oy - Lähellä luonnossa +358503308077 Y-tunnus: 1703570-1 Kauppiaan ehdot

Traditional outdoor games at the event area of the Haltia Nature Centre
For groups of 10-200 persons, duration approximately two hours:

During this event the participants have to work both in teams and individually but either way it’s always great fun!
The aim is to have fun together playing games led by our experienced guides. After welcoming ceremonies the Haltia N, outdoor games begin at the event area of the Nature Centre.
The games are not physically demanding so they are suitable for all adults.
To solve the various puzzles, the groups need communication skills, teamwork and a lot of humor.

After the games, before moving on to the next event, we go through the results together and the winning team receives a small prize.