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ActionTrack Mobile Adventure, Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre

€440.00 / 2 h
Price includes 10 persons. Extras:
  • Seikkailijat /Extra adventurer€44.00


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Nature Mobile Adventure – the ultimate teamwork game.

No sweat or tears. For groups of 10-300 persons, duration two hours:

In Nature Mobile Adventure the participants form groups of 4-6 persons and go
through a course during which they have to solve various challenges.
The virtual course has been built at the vicinity of the Haltia Nature Centre
and through this game it is possible to visit the Nuuksio old forest and magnificent
nature and the scenery at the Maahinen nature trail.

Smart phones guide the participants to their next task point by showing the direction to go and the distance to the next task point. The task points can be either virtual or staffed.

The teams have to complete physical tasks, answer topical questions or do humorous
things together during the course. The questions can also be formed from relevant issues to the participants.

The basic course includes questions about the Haltia Nature Centre and exhibition not
forgetting the Finnish nature and all its wonders.
The team who hunts down the biggest 
amount of points is the winner.

After the game the participants have an opportunity to look up their routes in a map,
go through the answers given by the teams and see some pictures taken during the day.

The price for Nature Mobile Adventure– the ultimate teamwork game is €44 for person (minimum charge 10 people)
Price includes VAT 10%

  • Planning the virtual course
  • Samsung Calaxy smart phones (max. 30 phones) to be used during the course
  • Services of the guide, the task points
  • Liability insurance
  • A prize for the winning team