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Honkalintu -Responsible nature tourism company

“Green Activities is an eco-label for outdoor service providers in travel and is awarded to companies that fulfil a list of environmental requirements. Obtaining Green Activities demonstrates the company’s efforts to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible services."

Honkalintu Ltd

From work closer to nature, from nature to better work, listening to and respecting nature.

Honkalintu Oy was established in 2001 by Markku Janhonen. The company provides different kinds of nature experiences combined with business training events or separately. Our customers include both domestic and foreign businesses. We arrange approximately 150 events in different locations all round the year.
At Honkalintu events you will meet our jovial and professional tour guides who lead you to unforgettable moments that you can enjoy and be sure that you are always in safe hands.

“I have been working for Finnish banking businesses for 17 years. As a part of my job, I brought my clients and colleagues to Ilomantsi for fly-fishing. This is how I got the idea to make this my livelihood. I was brought up in Ilomantsi, I know the area and its nature very well, so opening a nature travel business was a natural solution. I decided to start this business in the year 2000, got my Wilderness Guide diploma and established this company called Honkalintu. 
I haven't regretted my decision."

“In the distant lands of the zither,
where de pine bird dwells,the wind seems to sing through their nests,
while the gale fiddles with the delicate sprigs.
I have experienced the whole,
to the whole I have opened my eyes,
In my pilgrimage to the distant lands of the zither,
I found my peace again, where the pine bird dwells.” 

Honkalintu -Responsible nature tourism company

Honkalintu is a company specialized in nature activities and fly-fishing tours. Our aim is to provide customers possibilities to relax and get new experiences with the help of nature. “From work closer to nature, from nature to better work, listening to and respecting nature" is our philosophy.
Honkalintu provides... 
Experiences in nature that offer possibilities for relaxing, enhancing creativity, listening to one’s inner self, fly-fishing and nature tours, training and customer events, incentive trips for workplaces and teams, as a part of business training or separately. 
At Honkalintu events we work according to the safety rules for program services, and each individual event has its designated safety plan.
We wish you welcome to experience something new and unforgettable with our trained guides!

Honkalintu is a responsible nature tourism company :
Ethically sustainable activities:
  - We comply with current legislation as the basis of our security and other activities.  
Ecologically sustainable activities:
   - The business idea of ​​the company shows that the company values ​​nature, and we also convey the idea of ​​nature appreciation to our customers.
   - In nature, we move under the conditions of nature, and we tell our customers how to move in nature
                    -Human rights and obligations
   - When moving around the national park, we pay special attention to the rules of the park
                - Open fire restrictions / forest fire warnings
                - Litterless camping. When eating in the wild, all waste is removed and sorted
                -Positioning with pets in the national park.   
Economically sustainable activities:
  - In our investments, we invest in sustainable procurement
  - The company also employs other local companies and freelance trainers.

Socially sustainable activities:
   - Honkalintu Oy is a Finnish company and Finnishness is part of our attraction
   - The name leads the customer to Finnish nature and to the Finnish story
   - We use local subcontracting services and cooperate with other entrepreneurs in the area

Professional experience and safety

2020 Green Activities eco-label
2016 First Aid I and II update
2015 EPP2 Canoe Course
2011 First Aid I and II update
2007 Navigation diploma from Finnish Navigation Association 
2006 Open canoe paddler guide's safety course from The Finnish Open Canoe Association
2006 Murena, Porvoo: Scuba Diving CMAS P1 Diploma
2004 Climbing Instructor modules I and II from The Finnish Climbing Association,
          First Aid I and II update
2003 Fisherman World certified company
2003 Haaga-Perho continuing education: Vocational Qualification in Tourism.
2003 Quality in Tourism (Laatutonni) training from Haaga Research Center and 
                  The Finnish Tourist Board 
2003 SETLA: Safety levels in Adventure and Experience Business 
                  *Risk analysis
                  *Safety plans
                  *Safety documents
                  *Program service guidance
2003 Finnish Food Safety Authority Hygiene Passport B0403 
2002 Airborne Ranger Club of Finland: Glacier Travel Course in Kebnekaise, Sweden 
2001 Nature and Field Guide vocational training in Nuuksio, First Aid I and II