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Honkalintu -Responsible nature tourism company

Honkalintu -Responsible nature tourism company

From work closer to nature, from nature to better work, listening to and respecting nature.

Honkalintu Oy was established in 2001 by Markku Janhonen. The company provides fly-fishing events and different kinds of nature experiences combined with business training events or separately. Our customers include both domestic and foreign businesses. We arrange approximately 150 events in different locations all round the year.
At Honkalintu events you will meet our jovial and professional tour guides who lead you to unforgettable moments that you can enjoy and be sure that you are always in safe hands.

“I have been working for Finnish banking businesses for 17 years. As a part of my job, I brought my clients and colleagues to Ilomantsi for fly-fishing. This is how I got the idea to make this my livelihood. I was brought up in Ilomantsi, I know the area and its nature very well, so opening a nature travel business was a natural solution. I decided to start this business in the year 2000, got my Wilderness Guide diploma and established this company called Honkalintu. 
I haven't regretted my decision."

“In the distant lands of the zither,
where de pine bird dwells,the wind seems to sing through their nests,
while the gale fiddles with the delicate sprigs.
I have experienced the whole,
to the whole I have opened my eyes,
In my pilgrimage to the distant lands of the zither,
I found my peace again, where the pine bird dwells.”