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Terms - Honkalintu Oy


Owner/seller/booking management

Honkalintu Oy

Tel: +358 50 330 8077

e-mail: honkalintu@gmail.com

Business ID: 1703570-1


Asiakas The client agrees to comply with these conditions when purchasing, leasing or booking services at Honkalintu Oy web services.

Booking conditions

These conditions apply to products and services to be leased or booked. They will be commonly addressed to as “target”


The client agrees to familiarise themselves with the description and instructions of the booking target(s) as well as the conditions related to booking.

The booking becomes binding at the point when the booking/payment confirmation has been sent to the e-mail address  given by the client.

The client shall pay the booking with the payment option of their choosing in compliance with the conditions related to the payment option.

The booking system will send the booking/payment confirmation to the e-mail address given by the client.

Honkalintu Oy is not responsible for unsuccessful bookings, in which case the client shall contact Honkalintu Oy with no delay to rectify the situation. In this case, Honkalintu Oy does not guarantee that the target remains available. If the target is no longer available, the payment will be returned or the booker will be offered another target if possible.

Cancellations and changes

Cancelling date is the date when Honkalintu Oy has been notified of the cancellation.

The client is responsible for sending the cancellation on time. See general conditions for cancellations.

If the client cancels their booking,

if the target was booked using a discount code, the entire rent is payable regardless of the time of cancelling.

when the booking starts in less than 7 days, the entire rent is payable.

when the booking starts in less than 30 days but more than 7 days, 50% of the rent is payable.

when the booking starts in 30 days or more, the transaction cost is payable.

The transaction cost is 25 € (incl. VAT 24%).

Owner’s right to cancel a booking

In the case of force majeure, Honkalintu Oy may terminate the lease agreement. The termination will be notified with no delay to the client who leased the target.

In this case, the client has the right to be reimbursed with the entire rent they have paid.

Any expenses to the client caused by the termination of a lease agreement due to force majeure are not reimbursed.

Damage compensations

The client is liable to compensate Honkalintu Oy for any damages caused by the client to the target. The booker is also responsible for other people visiting the target and any damages they caused during the booking.

Honkalintu Oy will not reimburse any damages or costs to the client caused by natural elements such as insects, animals, frost heaving or unforeseen weather conditions.


Any complaints shall always be made as soon as possible upon emerging problems.

If a satisfactory solution cannot be attained or there are claims for refunds, the complaint shall be sent in writing within one month from the end of the lease time.

Honkalintu Oy will make an effort to process the complaint as soon as possible, however, within a maximum of one month.

If the client and Honkalintu Oy fail to reach an understanding, the client may refer the disagreement to be processed by the Consumer Disputes Board.

Transaction conditions

Establishing the agreement

The binding purchase agreement shall enter into force when the booking has been confirmed (booking confirmation / payment confirmation).

The booking confirmation / payment confirmation shall be sent to the client by e-mail.

Payment conditions

Honkalintu Oy applies reliable and safe payment transfer operators to their services.

Honkalintu Oy does not save bank account or credit card data at any point.

The client agrees to comply with the conditions of the payment option they have chosen to use.

Payment using Honkalintu Oy invoice (for companies and organisations)

The invoice is only intended for companies and organisations.

The invoice is payable at or before the due date marked in the invoice.

If the invoice of the booked target or product has not been paid at the due date, the booking will be removed and the target will be returned to the store.

Conditions for cancellations

If the cancellation occurs

Urgent! The Cancellation of a Reservation

Cancelation for reservations made before Tentsile season start:

Refund date for payment will be the 1st on June.

Refund of payment for 2 prs reservation is 150 EUR. 190 EUR- 40 EUR cost (bank cost and VAT 10%)

Refund of payment for 3 prs reservation is 195 EUR.  255 EUR -60 EUR cost (bank cost and VAT 10%)


Cancelation for reservation what are make during Tentsile season:

Cancelation time one week before reservation start.

Refund date for payment will be at the end of the month reserved.

Refund of payment for 2 prs reservation is 150 EUR. 190 EUR- 40 EUR cost (bank cost and VAT 10%)

Refund of payment for3 prs reservation is 195 EUR.  255 EUR -60 EUR cost (bank cost and VAT 10%)

Cancelation one daybefore reservation start: NO REFUND

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) is the payment transfer operator and payment service provider used. Paytrail Oyj is shown as the payment receiver in the credit card bill, and they transfer the payment to the seller. Paytrail Oyj has a licence to act as a payment institution.


Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä, FINLAND

Tel: +358 207 181830


If the payment transaction has not been successfully completed at the time of booking, Honkalintu Oy will not process the booking.

General conditions

All prices shown in the web service include value added tax.

We apply dynamic pricing in the lodging resorts. The prices depend on the time of booking and may vary monthly, weekly and daily.

We sell products to private persons of age and to company clients.

We reserve the right to change prices.

The client is responsible for providing correct information.

Honkalintu Oy has the right to use and release registered address information for direct mail, distance sales and other direct advertising as well as market and opinion surveys, unless explicitly forbidden by the client. The forbiddance can be made to the contact information mentioned in the conditions.

We reserve the right to change our transaction conditions. Prior to booking, the client must familiarise themselves with the transaction conditions in force at the time.

Our store includes products from several different sellers, which you can collect in the same shopping basket and finally pay using credit card, web bank or invoice in one payment transaction. Each seller operates independently, and the product bookings and payments always go directly between the client and the seller.


Additional information and conditions for an event 1.1.2016

Advance information: Will be notified and agreed with the client with separate e-mail dialogue in the form of a tender or a booking (or a comparable event notification in media administrated by the service provider, for example web, FB, Twitter or Instagram pages) and include a description of the activity content, routes and their levels of difficulty.  In addition, it defines: The time and duration, place, number of participants, female/male distribution and approximate age distribution, guiding language and any accessibility restrictions to be aware of.                


Prices: Will be defined according to contents separately specified in the booking: Program, hotel services such as meeting, dining and sauna


Price includes: Nature and wilderness guide services needed for the program, the program itself and equipment, planning and arrangements needed for it. And other separately booked and mentioned content.


Payment condition: Net 5 days

Validity and payment: The tender is valid for 7 days from the date the tender was given, unless otherwise agreed with the tenderer. The tender must be confirmed by e-mail by latest 14 days before the event date. The number of participants must be locked by latest one week before the event date. 


The above-mentioned terms apply in the case of an event or product of a private nature for an individual group, such as company or organisation or equivalent, and the invoicing has been agreed to be realised either as paper or electronic invoicing, unless the client uses the payment gateway service in our web store.


Events/occasions/products intended for private persons must be paid using the payment gateway of the web store when confirming the booking, by latest before the occasion/event starts. Targeted product/event-specific payment instructions are always given. See product-specific information in service providers’ advertisements.

As the hotel and other event sites usually have licenses to sell alcohol, any regulations related to these licenses shall be complied with.

We reserve the right to make changes in the program due to safety reasons or schedule changes not caused by the service provider.

Wear clothing suitable for the climate, sturdy hiking shoes, sneakers for canoeing. The booker must remind the participants to bring their personal medication.


Obs, for canoeing we require swimming skills.

Information about allergies (food or other) or mobility restrictions must be given to yours truly/the service provider by the latest one week prior to the event.


Liability: The liability insurance of the service provider’s operations is considered to enter into force upon commencement of direct activities upon reception of the group, and to cease upon finishing the direct activities. Participation in all activities is voluntary. If the event entails the use of premises or services (hotel or equivalent dining, meeting or sauna) of a third party, not administrated by the service provider, the third party holds the liability for this part.

Insurances: Check that your group has an accident insurance and how extensively it covers, for the part of your company, the content and duration of the event as well as transportation to and from the event. If your group does not have a valid accident insurance that covers the event and content thereof, if you wish we can insure your participants with a separate agreement. The price of an accident insurance consists of the number of participants, the nature of the activities and the desired coverage and content of the insurance. For example, an accident insurance that includes canoeing is about 8 Euros per participant. It covers immediate first aid measures and some physical rehabilitation. The booked insurance will be added to the invoice.


Note: We reserve the right to deny participation to the activities of an intoxicated person, or a person who uses intoxicating substances during the activities, if required for safety reasons. Canoeing requires absolute zero tolerance for intoxication.


Additional information on the event: Markku Janhonen tel. +358 50 330 8077 or honkalintu@gmail.com


Honkalintu Ltd applies trusted and secure payment brokers in its services.


Honkalintu Ltd does not save your bank account or credit card information at any time.


Honkalintu Oy has the right to use and disclose registered address information to direct mail, distance selling and other direct marketing as well as market and opinion polls unless the customer denies it.