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Canoeing on Lake Pitkäjärvi, Nuuksio National Park

€440.00 / 3 h
Price includes 6 persons. Extras:
  • Lisähenkilöt melonta€44.00


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Lake Pitkäjärvi, Nuuksio

Lake Pitkäjärvi offers the perfect setting for getting to know the nature and water areas around Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre.

The talus deposits and fractures from ice age have left deep scars in Lake Pitkäjärvi and the fjord-like scenery takes the adventurer back in time.

All our guides are professional canoeing guides and will always consider the local weather conditions and the experience level of the group.

The tour starts with an introduction to paddling techniques and how to use the equipment.

All our canoeing tours are also suitable for beginners.

Meeting Point:

The group meets at the main entrance of the Haltia Nature Centre and after the welcoming 
ceremonies we move to the starting place of the trip.

The length of the canoeing trip is about 3-4 km.

Honkalintu’s experienced canoeing guide takes care of the canoeing trips.

You will need clothing according to weather, and for example sneakers are good shoes to wear. It is also advisable to take spare clothes with you. These will be packed in watertight barrels.


All our tours and our guides are the natural first aid professionals who know how to consider local conditions and during the trip to the customers' level.


Due to the nature of the event, the participants cannot be under the influence
of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance during the event.

The price for the canoeing program is €440 for 6 persons+ €44 for every additional person.
Minimum billing 6 persons. Price includes VAT 10%

  • Canoes and paddling equipment
  • Waterproof barrels for personal belongings, life vests
  • Rent for the beach where we set off
  • Safety plan and liability insurance
  • Services of the guide

Pls, ask offer: honkalintu@gmail.com